Establishment in 1986

◆Topower Co., Ltd. was established in Taiwan, 1986.

◆Topower started with switch power supply followed by embedded IPC case and PC case, both with a good success.

◆In 2012, in response to market trends and business transformation needs, new product lines were introduced to carry out the layout, R&D and manufacturing of automotive electronic components and lamps.

◆Yongkang factory was set up in 2016 deepening R&D and production of vehicle lighting fixtures.

Corporate Vision

Topower means “top quality product”.  We believe profits are based on innovation, development and marketing of good products. It is our goal to use Topower brand name as a leader of high tech company with good profits, superior quality and innovation in the world.

Core Values

The core values of Topower are to identify good products, create value for customers, understand what the customers need and enhance customers’ satisfaction. Therefore we use renewed design as our marketing orientation coupled with decent brand name to transmit our core value.

Brand Culture

The brand name culture of Topower is to provide customers with best products as well as pleasure and wealth to courteous ones, which is different from general enterprises who always aim at profits as their main concept.

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