Good article sharing ~ The evolution of automotive lighting technology

Driving sight depends on it, and driving safety at night is critical.

For vehicles, to improve driving safety, in addition to strengthening the active/passive safety system, such as the number of airbags, rigid structure of the car body, ABS/EBD/TCS and other smart braking systems, if it can provide good lighting effects at night, Let the driver see the road conditions ahead clearly, I believe it can reduce the chance of collision accidents. Therefore, foreign automobile manufacturers, especially European car manufacturers, spare no effort in the research and development of headlight lighting systems, from the early kerosene lamps to the later tungsten lamps and HID Compared with LED headlights, to the latest laser headlights, the current development has exceeded most people’s imagination. What is the difference between these headlights?

Lamps – The evolution of automotive lighting technology

Lamps – Kerosene lamp & acetylene lamp

Lamps – Halogen tungsten bulbs

Lamp – HID discharge gas lamp

Lamps – Super laser headlights

Information source:CARNEWS  2017.04