Excellent 2023 Taiwan Excellence Award –


The concept of “TOPOWER THE KNIGHT OF THUNDER LED HEADLIGHT” originated from the tough and rough impression of American type of pickup trucks, exhibiting overall dominance over all kinds of terrain, making thunder-like performace.
With 7-shaped LED light bar as main appearance focus of the headlight, the light bar not only makes the light highly distinctive, but also improves driving safety. Topower combined driving light, DRL, and initiation sequence altogether in the light bar of “TOPOWER THE KNIGHT OF THUNDER LED HEADLIGHT” to make it not only recreational, but meanwhile through the design of our lighting technology, the headlight is eco-friendly. Yellow side marker light in the middle of the headlight and sequencial turn signal light further strenghten the look and safety, fully shows the core values of our design.
With eco-friendly basis and strict design procedure, the headlight stands for our consistent effort in lighting technology, INNOVATION and PROTECTION.